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Newtown’s range of Felix XY glue plotter machines rapidly dispense hot melt glue and / or cold (PVA) glues in any shape or pattern. Our machines are commonly used for the gluing and makeup of corrugated packaging and point of sale products such as free standing display units, dump bins, foam inserts and boxes. With glue application speeds up to 2,5m/s, the machines are the FASTEST multi axis gluing systems on the market. Stop applying glues by hand and discuss with us how you can create you a safer, faster and more productive glue application process. 


Newtown has over 40 years’ experience in the supply and dispensing of hot melt and cold (PVA) glues. The Felix range of machines enables companies that apply glues to transform the application speed across a spectrum of substrates and change jobs within minutes. Get in touch today to eliminate your production bottleneck of applying hot melt and cold glues by hand with a Felix XY glue plotter machine!

Felix Machine Models

standard model felix XY glue plotter machine

Single Model

Suitable for use with a maximum of x2 operators. Available in a range of bed sizes.

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combo model felix XY glue plotter machine

Combo Model

Suitable for use with a maximum of x4 operators. Available in a range of dual bed sizes.

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Felix CNC Glue Machine

The Felix is a state-of-the-art solution for the precise dispensing of both hot melt and cold (PVA) glues – a CNC controlled glue dispensing machine. The machine is a fast and versatile solution to eliminate ‘hand gluing’ from the print, point of sale (POS) and packaging manufacturing industries. With rapid application speeds of up to 2.5m/s and the ability to apply both hot melt and cold (PVA) glues simultaneously. Furthermore, different jobs can also be glued on the machine at the same time, giving you increased production output and flexibility to meet strict finishing deadlines. Glue is applied with high speed and precision; the amount of glue is identical along the entire application length and the work area of the machine is divided into two independent moving work tables. The machine makes production faster by determining work cycles for the operator and eliminating time wasted that is typical of ‘hand gluing’. You’ll never revert back to hand gluing once you experience the speed and precision of a Felix automatic CNC glue application machine.

How Does It Work?

Using the purpose-built and easy to use software, prepare your design and mark with different colours paths for hot melt and cold (PVA) glue. Place a pile of materials (cardboard or other) on the plotter and start the glue dispensing process. After all glue paths are applied to a material or a group of materials, the glue head moves back to the standby position and remains there for the chosen amount of time. This gives the operator a chance to remove / makeup  the material covered with glue. The machine table automatically raises the pile of materials up by the thickness of the removed material/materials. The glue application process will then start over again, easy!

Automatic Work Table

One, two or four independent automatic moving work tables. Each of the tables can be divided into any number of glue dispensing zones. Since each section moves independently, you can simultaneously apply glue to two types of cardboard (or other materials) that differ in thickness. All tables are equipped with positioning devices. Tables in one machine can work separately, or together as one table.

automatic table felix xy glue plotter machine

Applications / Industries

The Felix automatic CNC glue application machine is a versatile solution that is suitable for a wide range of manufacturing industries...

print and point of sale (POS)

Print and Point of Sale (POS)

corrugated packaging

Corrugated Packaging

cardboard pallets

Cardboard Pallets