Large format dual sided XY glue plotter table

Changing the game in glue application productivity...

The Felix automatic CNC glue application machine is a state of the art solution for precise application of both hot melt and cold (PVA) glues. With the ability to apply glues in almost any shape at speeds up to 2.5 meters per second, the machine is a rapid solution to eliminate manual ‘hand gluing’ from your production process. 

The Combo Model is our largest machine and allows for up to 4 operators to use the machine at one time with 4 fully independent work stations. The machine is available with a variety of bed sizes (working application area) of (x2) 1650mm x 1250mm up to (x2) 2000mm x 2000mm. The bed of the machine can also be split into four independent moving sections, allowing for materials of different thicknesses to be glued simultaneously. The machine can be fitted with gluing heads for both hot melt and/or cold glue. 

    Apply glues at speeds up to 2.5m/s

    Use both hotmelt and cold glue (PVA)

    Apply glue in any shape or pattern

    Variety of machine sizes available

    Manufactured in Europe


Endless applications...

Endless applications...

The Felix automatic CNC glue application machine is widely used in the print, point of sale (POS) and packaging industry, however it is not just limited to these markets. Commonly glued items include corrugated boxes, free standing display units, dump bins, and much more! With the machine being able to apply both hot melt and cold (PVA) glue simultaneously, the possibilities are endless. Apply glues to almost any type of material, in any shape!

    Point of Sale: display units, dump bins etc

    Corrugated Packaging: boxes etc

    Foam: inserts, multi piece packaging etc

Available Table Sizes:


(x2)   1650mm x 1250mm



(x2)   2000mm x 1650mm



(x2)   2200mm x 1800mm



Machine Speed 2.5 meters per second
Glue Heads OptionsHotmelt and/or Cold (PVA)
Hotmelt Glue Application ModesLines, dots or swirl spray
Cold (PVA) Glue Application ModesLines, dots or spray
Software LanguageEnglish or Polish
Electrical Needs 240v, 50Hz (other options available on request)
Number of Workspaces Up to 4 fully independent work spaces
Program Memory Unlimited
Work Table System Integrated automatic elevating work bed
Maximum Material Stack Height 500mm - 900mm
Glue System Options Meler, Nordson, UES or Zator
Compressed Air Requirements 6 Bar
Modem for Remote Assistance Integrated as standard
Warranty Period 12 months
Price Please contact us for pricing


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